An introduction to Foodscapes

In Foodscapes we seek to use art and creativity to engage with the micro-scale of individual relations with food and landscape in order to consider how traditionally elusive concepts such as sustainability and wellbeing might become more meaningful and relevant in daily practice. We seek to politicise these ideas by connecting them to mundane practices around producing, buying, cooking and eating. In essence, we aim to have important conversations about sustainability through the lens of food.

We are working with two main community groups in Bristol – the Edible Landscapes Movement (a consortium of local growers in Knowle West) and The Matthew Tree Project (a food poverty charity and local food enterprise in St Jude’s).   Working collaboratively with these partners, Foodscapes taps into debates regarding the role of local and voluntary action in addressing complex urban challenges ranging from personal health and wellbeing to regional self-sufficiency and climate change.